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We start with UCL reviews before we preview Tottenham v. Manchester City, West Ham v. Middlesbrough, Hull v. Chelsea and more.  Do we care about Big Sam getting the boot as England manager?  Find out.

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We start with UCL previews before we review Arsenal v. Chelsea, Manchester United v. Leicester, Bournemouth v. Everton, Stoke v. West Brom and more.

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It's go time: Arsenal v. Chelsea, Manchester United v. Leicester, Bournemouth v. Everton, Stoke v. West Brom and more.

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Huge EPL review show starting with Tottenham's 1-0 win over Sunderland.  Afterwards, the cracking game that saw Liverpool beat Chelsea at the bridge.  Then, a huge upset (maybe) as Watford beats Manchester United.  Afterwards, Man City v. Bournemouth and Everton v. Middlesbrough.

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We start the show with EUFA Champions League reviews of the PSG v. Arsenal and Tottenham v. Monaco matches. Afterwards, English Premier League previews including Tottenham v. Sunderland, Chelsea v. Liverpool, and Watford v. Manchester United.  Someone threatens to hang himself live on the show.  Any guesses?

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Reviews:  first up, the Manchester derby that saw City beat United.  Later, we got Watford's huge defeat of West Ham United and comments on the fans fighting in the stands.  Also, Burnley and Hull draw while Leicester gets demolished by Liverpool.  Afterwards, Champions League previews of PSG v. Arsenal & Tottenham v. Monaco.

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The Premier League is back and we preview the Manchester Derby, Sunderland v. Everton, a Swansea update, Burnley v. Hull, and more in quick picks.  

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Transfer window reactions:  our Championship team reacts and rules on which club did the best business.  Also, we have a Wigan supporter making his debut on the show.  Holy f&^k.  This alone should give us another 1000 subscribers.  

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We recorded this show right after the transfer window closes and we got reactions from supporters including Manchester City, Southampton, Burnley, Everton (angry), Arsenal, Leicester, Tottenham, West Ham and more.  

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Reviews:  Tottenham v. Liverpool, Manchester City v. West Ham United, West Brom v. Middlesbrough, Watford v. Arsenal and Hull v. Manchester United.  Can our Boro supporter talk about that match against West Brom for 10 minutes?  Find out?

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