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Yes, this happening: after a quick update on the Champions League, we preview the Major League Soccer (MLS) final between Toronto and Seattle. We have two contributors who have been life-long season ticket holders and we talk what is means to the fans, the difference between this season and past season, injuries, keys and predictions. Afterwards, we preview Watford/Everton, Leicester/Manchester City plus three more in quick picks. Thank for listening.

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Our Championship team has a look at the 2016-17 Christmas fixture list and talk the best/worst of 2016.  Plus, our contributors give early Christmas gifts to each other's club.  Humour will happen.

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Reviews:  we talk the Chelsea win over Manchester City including whether the referee had an impact along with the mayhem at the end of the match that saw two Man City players sent off.  Afterwards, we try and figure out what the main reason is for Leicester's league downfall, Liverpool's defeat to Bournemouth, Arsenal's win over West Ham, and much more.

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Reviews:  first, we talk the 5-4 thriller that was Swansea v. Crystal Palace.  Afterwards, Chelsea's win over Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, MUFC and more plus Toronto FC's chances in the return leg against Montreal.

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Real football is back and we review the draw that was MUFC/Arsenal, Everton, Sunderland, Tottenham's big (last minute) win over West Ham and much more.  Our Champions League preview will also be online tonight so be sure to hit subscribe and tell your friends.

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Our contributors discuss Arsenal vs. Manchester United and why Jose Mourniho will do just enough to screw it up for the Gunners.  One goal every five shots?  Who knew?  They also delve into a drunk Wayne Rooney and why it doesn't even matter.  Moving to the other side of the table, Zach Becker tells us why Hull City still has a chance to stay up - which Morgan, Mark, and Mayank promptly shoot down.  We end with Stevie G: please, just go away.

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Championship:  QPR, are Championship playing acting like Premier League players, Aston Villa/Birmingham review, predictability, Reading and much more.  

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Reviews:  Arsenal and Tottenham draw the North London derby, Chelsea trash Everton, Liverpool trash Watford, MUFC win plus which set of fans should be more nervous:  Crystal Palace or Swansea?

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We review the mid-week Champions League matches then preview the North London derby (and more weekend reviews) plus Toronto FC? What?

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On this spooky episode, we review the weekend action that saw Manchester United draw Burnley, Sunderland lose (again) to Arsenal, David Moyes, Manchester City's fans, whether we care about Stoke/Swansea and more.  In segment two, we talk Tottenham/Leicester, more MUFC (arg) and the scariest things in football.  Happy halloween, everyone.

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