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Matt Culham (Tottenham), Darren Smith (Arsenal) and Morgan Rubes (Arsenal) preview the North London derby, make fun of Manchester United, as well as some other weekend matches.  

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Our referee experts, Mark Canes and Morgan Rubes, debate the effectiveness of 10 referees:   Martin Atkinson, Mike Dean, Mike Ryley, Mark Clattenburg, Roger East, Michael Oliver, Anthony Taylor, Phil Dowd, Howard Webb, Mark Halsey.  Afterwards, they give their awards for best all-time Premier League referee, worst all-time Premier League referee, and best up and coming referee.  Tell your friends about this one.

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We review the FA Cup semi-final matches between Arsenal/Manchester City and Chelsea/Tottenham.  Afterwards, we go through some key Premier League results including Manchester United's win over Burnley, Palace's victory over Liverpool, plus the relegation situation.  Afterwards, Darren Smith (Arsenal) is joined by Mark Engel (Watford) and Matt Green (Middlesborough) to discuss what we learned from this weekend's results and what remainining fixtures look to be most important or entertaining. Also, if we could relegate any team from the league, who would it be and why?

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We preview the FA Cup semi-final matches between Arsenal/Manchester City and Chelsea/Tottenham.  Darren's computer crashes but he texted us some words to describe Arsenal supporter confidence.  Hint:  not good.

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We start by asking the question:  is the Easter Bunny the scariest of holiday mascots?  Afterwards, reviews:  we talk about the Manchester United win over Chelsea and whether the title race is back on.  Afterwards, we review tons of matches from the weekend.  Championship bonus show for members also available.  Find out which manager got sacked this week in the Championship.  

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Roundtable:  Zach Becker (Hull City) leads Mark Snyder (Leicester), Jeff Collins (Boro), Warren Smith (Swansea), and Xavier O'Connor (Crystal Palace) on a review of today's lower half action.  They discuss the matches and what it means for the table.  They then switch their gaze to the top half of the table where Mark Snyder drops mad wisdom:  was anyone listening?

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Championship roundup: we talk Rotherham who have been officially relegated with a whopping 17 points after 39 games - too professionalism. Afterwards, we talk the other relegation candidates and those club who may come up from League One. In segment two, the team also look at the big results from the weekend and how try impact the playoff and relegation battles. Thank you for listening.

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Reviews: Merseyside derby, Chelsea lose to Crystal Palace, Tottenham beats Burnley, Arsenal draw Manchester City and more.

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Everton supporter, Mark Canes, is joined with Liverpool contributor, Darren Rudham, to discuss all things Merseyside derby:  the past and this weekend's huge match.  Plus other stuff as well.  

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Round table:  host, Bill Caffrey, is joined by Mayank Arora and Morgan Rubes for an international break potpourri discussion.  First, Bill asks Morgan to weigh in on whether Arsene Wenger will coach another team after he finally leaves Arsenal (whenever that happens).  Then Mayank updates us on the latest Manchester United injury news and Marcus Rashford rumors.  Then, the conversation turns to World Cup Qualifying, including the resurgence of Team USA led by phenom Christian Pulisic (with a brief foray into the current whereabouts of another would-be phenom)‚Äč.

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