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Arsenal contributor, Darren Smith, hosts a round table on the EPL: 10 games left. We talk whether the title race if officially over, top four, which club will lose out on Champions League football, and the relegation race. Enjoy the international break.

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We review the weekend action that saw Arsenal meltdown and loss to West Brom.  Later, we talk Crystal Palace and the relegation situation along with wins for Tottenham and Manchester United and that draw between Manchester City and Liverpool.  Enjoy the international break but more podcasts to come over the next few days for free and for members.

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Our round table host and Southampton man, Bill Caffrey, is joined by regular team member and Manchester United contributor, Mayank Arora.  Darren Rudham fills in for Liverpool contributor Ryan Grubb.  Mayank kicks things off bemoaning that MUFC played just well enough in their FA Cup loss to Chelsea to give him hope at halftime.  Then, Mayank and Darren each discuss the best case and worst case scenarios for their clubs from now through the end of the season.  Finally, the talk turns to who the guys want to see join Newcastle and BHA as the third promotee from this year's Championship.

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We start with a review of the Chelsea/MUFC match that, of course, ended with controversy with a sending off.  Later, we review the other FA Cup quarter-final matches and talk about the draw.  Thank you for listening. 

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Now is the winter of our discontent...or relegation battle. Host Zach Becker (Hull), Paul Phillips (Watford), and Darren Smith (Arsenal) discuss the ever changing and interesting relegation battle. Darren bemoans Arsenal's loss to Bayern Munich and the lads ponder Arsene Wenger's next Premier team. They turn their attention to Mings, Zlatans, and red cards before finally discussing Shakespeare....out damned spot!

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We look at the latest goings on in the Championship, including does this season live up to the excitement of past years, who is out of the playoff race, is the TV coverage working and why it's been a bad month for Norwich fans (but a good one for Ipswich Town). With Paula Marcus (Reading),  Kevin Mulvey (Ipswich Town), James Copland (Norwich City), Patrick Jones  (Sheffield Wednesday), Phil Lavanco  (Newcastle United) and Carl Brown (QPR).

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Mark Canes, Matt Culham and Morgan Rubes go deep, very deep, into the weekend results that saw Liverpool beat Arsenal, Spurs topple Everton, Manchester United draw 10-man Bournemouth, plus victories for Palace and Leicester put Sunderland and Hull City in tough spots.  Thanks for listening.

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Our Southampton man, Bill Caffrey, is joined by Manchester Untd contributor, Fran Koerner, to dissect a thrilling League Cup final, including whether the refs handed the game to United, and whether would be England #1 keeper, Fraser Forster, should've save any of United's three goals. Once Bill is finished venting, Leicester City man, Mark Snyder, joins the show to discuss the shocking sacking of Claudio Ranieri just nine months after winning the league title.‚Äč

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Reviews: Chelsea's draw to Burnely, Liverpool beats Spurs, MUFC and Arsenal win plus the relegation situation.

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On this episode, Mark Snyder (Leicester), Zach Becker (Hull), and Xavier O'Connor (Palace) discuss whether or not it's time for Leicester City to part ways with Claudio Raineiri.  They then move on to the exciting (exciting?) relegation battle brewing among six clubs.  They then turn their attention to the other side of the table and discuss who finishes just below Chelsea.  Finally, keeping on the "sack the manager" theme, our contributors talk on the merits of Arsene Wenger and whether or not he should sign a contract extension.

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